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The fans don’t like it at all …

“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston (51) had only photographed her Christmas tree decorations and uploaded them to Instagram, everything sounds quite harmless at first. In the social networks, she is now hostile to it.

Because the Christmas tree decoration is not a ball or candle, but a very specific ornament made of wood.

Jennifer Aniston posted her Christmas tree decorations in her story – “our first pandemic 2020”Photo: Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

It says: “Our first pandemic 2020”. If it is in the opinion of numerous users, not exactly tactful. Fans think that the corona pandemic with its many deaths is mocked by it.

In America in particular, the situation is dramatic: The United States has the most infections and deaths worldwide in the pandemic – over 300,000 people have already died.

Aniston’s post received numerous comments on Twitter. One user wrote: “I’ve had enough of rich people” – made clear by a photo of the main actor in the multi-Oscar-winning cinema sensation “Parasite”. The film is about the deep gap between rich and poor.

Another user wrote: “Jennifer Aniston is a damn idiot for posting this ornament in her story.” And further: “Celebrities are incredibly insane.”
Other Twitter users accuse the “Friends” icon of being insensitive and irresponsible. Among other things, it says: “She shows no respectt“, „What the hell are you doing girl“, „Not cool at all while people are suffering“And” People are losing their jobs, homes, family members. And Jennifer Aniston is celebrating her first pandemic ”.

It is not known who Aniston got the controversial pendant from – such jewelry can usually be easily personalized and ordered on the Internet. Basically, however, it is not even clear whether it really hung on her own tree.

It is easy to buy something like this, there is a wooden part for example on the marketplace platform “Etsy”.

Of course, there are also voices from the social media world who defend Aniston. They refer to the times when the actress warned of the dangers of the pandemic and expressed her condolences for the victims.

Aniston himself has not yet commented.

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