Jill Biden should give up a doctorate: Michelle Obama outraged


Dr. Jill Biden bei einer Unterstützungsrede für ihren Mann.

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Washington – A newspaper article urging future US First Lady Jill Biden to renounce her doctorate has sparked widespread outrage. Michelle Obama, wife of ex-President Barack Obama, rated the column on Monday as evidence of the social resistance that working women still face. “Far too often our achievements are met with skepticism and even ridicule,” wrote Michelle Obama on Instagram.

Columnist Joseph Epstein had Jill Biden, wife of President-elect Joe Biden, on Saturday at Wall Street Journal asked to refrain from addressing them with a doctorate. He justified this with the fact that she had acquired this title in education and not in medicine. Epstein called Jill Biden’s use of the title “fraudulent” and “somewhat weird”. He also condescendingly referred to the future first lady as “kiddo” (roughly: “little one”)

“Are forced to prove ourselves all over again”

“After decades of work, we are forced to prove ourselves all over again,” commented Michelle Obama in her post on the Internet service. She saw Jill Biden doing for eight years what many working women do – namely, ” to deal successfully with several areas of responsibility at the same time.

Michelle Obama was referring to the time when Joe Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama and Jill Biden already played a prominent public role as Vice President’s wife. Jill Biden continued her work as a teacher at the time, fulfilled her official obligations in the White House and at the same time fulfilled her roles as “mother, wife and friend”, said Michelle Obama. The 69-year-old Jill Biden also wants to continue as First Lady Be a teacher.

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She was also backed by former Secretary of State, ex-presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. She wrote on the online service Twitter: “Your name is Dr. Jill Biden. “Clinton mockingly told the columnist not to” take himself too seriously. ” Michael LaRosa, spokesman for President-elect Biden, appealed to that Wall Street Journal, to apologize to his wife for the column.

Biden will take office on January 20th. His election victory over incumbent Donald Trump on November 3 was confirmed this Monday by a vote by the so-called Electoral College. This is the college of electorates who, according to the indirect US electoral system, ultimately determine the president based on the results in the individual states. (APA / AFP)

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