Joachim Llambi causes indignation at “Grill den Henssler”: “He wants to fuck!”


Updated on December 20, 2020, 11:40 pm

  • Contemplative, peaceful pre-Christmas time? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! At “Grill den Henssler – The Christmas Menu” (VOX) it wasn’t just the hot plate that ran hot.
  • At the end of the season there was a cooking duel with a bitter aftertaste.
  • “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi drew the anger of Steffen Henssler.

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In the trailer for the show there is Steffen Henssler (48) as steel-hard stoker on the blast furnace. The “Küchentornado” (presenter Laura Wontorra) ran at the start of the broadcast “Grill den Henssler” Christmas specials because of his Torn hamstring in the large gluteal muscle (gluteus maximus) still a bit out of round – like the season: Because in season 13 there was a threat of what has never happened before: an overall defeat!

After six broadcasts it was 3: 3! The Celebrities Sonja Zietlow, Laura Karasek and Joachim Llambi wanted to add the decisive bankruptcy to the North German. The chances were good like that Laura Wontorra: “Together they already have eight complete Shows but Henssler was ready: “I have to – literally – pinch my ass!”

“Grill den Henssler” (VOX): “That stinks 1: 1 like dog food”

Another bad omen for him “Grill the Henssler”-Platzhirsch: Stefan Marquard is the most successful cooking coach and has already cooked the Mâitre four times on the stove. “Yes, yes,” Henssler grumbled in the direction of the old adversary: ​​”He always comes on the last broadcast because he thinks I’m not in the mood anymore.”

The five were also left Jurors: Christian Rach (in the trendy Ugly Sweater), Pure “Calli” Calmund (with Nikolaus jacket) and Mirja Boes, completely dressed as a Christmas tree, presented themselves très chic. The practicing eggnog fans had got themselves in the mood backstage. Was that why the cooks could count on “Christmas mildness”? In any case, the duelists were hot.

Right at the Impro-Gang there was a lot going on. “That sucks!” Grumbled Steffen Henssler about the ingredients corned beef, printen and kale. “It stinks 1: 1 like dog food.” Henssler stank even more that the strict “Let’s Dance”-Points judge Joachim Llambi draped plates after the time ran out. “The toughest juror wants to shit!” moderator He called on Laura Wontorra to intervene: “Mutt you look!”

Steffen Henssler was annoyed by Joachim Llambi’s “fraud”.

Laura Wontorra is – in short – speechless

The starter duel between Henssler and Llambi was also spiced with nasty tips. “I do something fishy because the Henssler can’t fish,” Joachim teased the German “fish king”. “Pff”, the specialist countered coolly in view of the task “Zander with potato scales”. “It’s a classic. They cooked it everywhere in the early 80s – the Llambi was around 40!”

Joachim Llambi not only had to grapple with his opponent Koch, who was brushed on confrontation, but also with presenter Laura Wontorra, who likes to drill in private life: “Are the rumors truethat you are back with your wife? “Then Llambi became monosyllabic – and clever: he turned the tables and” interrogated “the moderator. With success: She was speechless for a moment. You rarely see that at Wontorra.

Laura Karasek took over the main course (duck with red cabbage and dumplings) with minimal residue. Because Lllambi had lost the “contested” starter against Henssler, who in turn put the second kitchen competition in the sand. 40:41 it was from Laura Karasek’s point of view when she started with the Christmas classic. “Cooking, talking, high heels – it’s so stressful here!”

Steffen Henssler grills Laura Wontorra’s mouth

In fact, there was no less talk than cooked. The two Lauras (presenter Wontorra and celebrity chef Karasek) have a lot in common: They like each other, like to party and suffer from the fact that they are often only called “the daughter of the famous father“knows -” football reporter legend ” Jörg Wontorra here, “literary critic pope” Hellmuth Karasek there. That’s why they had a lot to talk about when they met again at “Grill den Henssler”.

The two talked as if they were having a mulled wine party. Cooking coach Stefan Marquard barely got through to his cook and became increasingly desperate. “That’s going to be a mess,” he feared. Not quite: Laura was only defeated 26:27 against Henssler. He showed a feeling for the situation and placed the “grill stamp” on Laura Karasek’s mouth: “This is where it belongs!”

The third Kitchen competition the professional also won afterwards. It was about drinking cans half empty. Henssler did it in record time. “Jaha”, cheered the opponents, “he can drink!”

Sonja Zietlow fails with her top recipe

Can he also do eggnog cake? Had Jungle camp moderator Sonja Zietlow chosen as dessert – according to her own recipe! “My team calls it the ‘best Egg liqueur cake the world ‘! “Your opponent wasn’t so enthusiastic.” Does she have a clap? It’s not that tight. “Henssler didn’t feel like egg liqueur cake with pistachio cream and marinated oranges. Zietlow, according to Laura Wontorra,” a hammer bride, in the kitchen more of a chaotic bride “, yes – it was her recipe! The ex-pilot worked but at first quite nervous. “I’m totally old, because of multitasking skills …”

So it happened as it had to come: Sonja Zietlow clearly got the short straw with “her” dish – even though it was Christian Rach and Mirja Boes outed as practicing eggnog fans. “I ooh,” yelled Calli, “I just don’t drink that much in the cloakroom!” Sonja was anything but amused by the jury evaluation. The facial features slipped briefly from the beaming show host. Apparently she had expected a different response.

Steffen Henssler but triumphed and was celebrated by the audience in the hall (this was still allowed on the recording in September) with chants! “The only true kitchen god on German color television” (Laura Wontorra) had struck back and won with 100: 89. The ultimate catastrophe – losing a season – was averted. “Now can Christmas come. “(ch)
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