Joe Biden is seriously injured: Donald Trump reacts surprisingly


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The elected US President Joe Biden injured himself playing with his dog. Donald Trump’s reaction is surprising.

  • Joe Biden injures himself playing with his dog and has to go to a clinic.
  • Bidens The doctor says that the injury will accompany him “for several weeks”.
  • Donald Trump reacts surprisingly with a message.

Update from December 1st, 2020, 10.30 a.m .: The elected US President Joe Biden injured his right foot last Sunday. The News channel “CNN”to speculate on the flow of information and transparency on the part of the future Biden government.

Specifically, it is about a comparison with Donald Trump on the subject of health, who in the past had always obscured his state of health. The transparency of Biden’s hair break fracture transition team would suggest that the White House will soon take a different path, wrote “CNN” editor-in-chief Chris Cilizza in his column.

“Why Joe Bidens broken foot shows how different his White House will be from that of Donald Trumps ”, Cilizza titled his text. Trump kept a stay at the Walter Reed Medical Center secret in 2019, while Biden’s injury was quickly and transparently informed. Transparency is fundamentally for a functioning democracy: “We have had the opposite of it in the last four years.” Professor and media critic of DePauw University, Jeffrey McCall urged the “Meinstream media” to calm down. The transparency regarding an injured foot in the context of one’s own dogs is simple and at the same time advantageous. After all, the media also delivered positive images of Biden’s pets, MCall told “Fox News“.

Joe Biden was injured. (Archive photo)

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Joe Biden injured: US President Donald Trump’s reaction surprised

First report from November 30th, 2020, 8 a.m .: Delaware – Joe Biden hurt themselves. The chosen one US President sustained a sprain of his right ankle and minor stress fractures while playing with his German shepherd “Major”. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon (November 29, 2020) in the state of Delaware. Biden was then taken to an orthopedic clinic where he received medical attention.

According to doctor Kevin O’Connor it will Biden this injury “For several weeks” accompany. He was ordered to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe. So it could be that Joe Biden the support shoe with his too Inauguration must wear on January 20, 2021. This is what the “German Press Agency” reports.

After injury to Joe Biden: US President Donald Trump surprisingly sends well wishes

Donald Trump, usually known for ridicule and hostile comments towards his competitors, responded surprised to the message from Bidens Injuries. Trump sent over Twitter Recovery wishes to Biden: “You will soon be well again.”

Joe Biden wants to revive an old tradition in the White House with his dogs “Champ” and “Major”. Biden and his wife Jill had recently announced that they wanted to bring a cat into the White House in addition to the two dogs. A photo of the pet has already been posted on Twitter.

After the 2020 US election: conciliatory tones between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

The surprising recovery wishes from Donald Trump an Joe Biden do not really fit into the picture of the last few weeks. Trump repeatedly spoke publicly of electoral fraud and that he would not accept the defeat in the US election in 2020.

A recount of votes has already been initiated in several states. In Wisconsin, Trump paid several million US dollars for it and in the end lost even more significantly to Biden. (Tobias Utz, Nico Scheck)

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