Judith Rakers (Tagesschau / ARD): After TV announcement – disappointed fans are constantly complaining


“Tagesschau” spokeswoman Judith Rakers shares a very private photo.

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TV presenter Judith Rakers only wants to make a happy announcement, but falls into total disgrace with her fans.

Hamburg – The Tagesschau spokeswoman Judith Rakers is the personified model woman – at least hers Instagram images judging by. The 44-year-old is not only passionate moderator, but also a passionate chicken whisperer and with one exceptionally green thumb blessed. However, a recent announcement didn’t exactly put her at number one on the popularity list.

Judith Rakers (ARD): Tagesschau legend Jan Hofer campaigned for TV presenter

Judith Rakers has been part of the illustrious circle of for almost 15 years Tagesschau spokesperson and Speakers, is allowed to show off their moderation skills at prime airtime and the millions of viewers daily via the current one News situation inform.

A job that the 44-year-old is apparently doing pretty well, because Rakers wanted no less than Tagesschau legend Jan Hofer for them “Daily News” win and bet all levers in motion, to make this possible. With success – Judith comes and stays, even after his memorable farewell.

Judith Rakers (Tagesschau / ARD): TV presenter makes happy announcement and makes fans nag

Since 1989 Judith Rakers has presented together with Giovanni di Lorenzo the broadcast 3 to 9. It is the oldest running German TV talk show, every four weeks, every Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Radio Bremen TV is presented. To their fans, too Happened behind the scenes sharing, Judith shares exclusive backstage material: “I send greetings from the rehearsals 🙂 Because today we greet you in the first. To “3nach9” with Johannes Oerding, Felix Neureuther etc, ”she writes about the studio recording, on which she looks at the camera with anger. The friendly greetings seem to some fans anyway belching badly.

The reason: You like the airtime of the Radio Bremen Talk Show, which runs for once in the first, doesn’t. “It’s a shame the show running so late. As an early riser that is clearly too late to me. Otherwise I’ll be next day unusable“, Grumbles a user. “It’s a shame, purely in terms of time, technically I don’t belong to the target group, rather to island reports group”, complained another commenter. Granted, the airtime may not be prime time, but real fans let it be Television spectacle Of course not to be missed: “Must-see program” comments a loyal fan. (mrf)

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