Just spit on corona with this test – coronavirus


With a new spit test from Austria you can check your infection status yourself in a few minutes.

For some people, the usual throat swab during the corona tests is uncomfortable. Now there is an alternative: The coronavirus antigen spit test from the Austrian company Medical United now offers a more pleasant alternative.

A test kit is available in numerous pharmacies for 14 euros. The bag contained in it must be filled with saliva. The secretion is then applied to the test cassette with the pipette. A reliable result should be available after 15 minutes. According to the company, the sensitivity is 95 percent.

Simple test for schoolchildren and retirees

Medical United wants to bring a million tests onto the market in this country. The main buyers are major customers from the medical sector and company doctors, but also private individuals. The test should mean less discomfort, especially for seniors or children. Company boss Michael Davidson: “The test is very easy to handle. So there is no reason that it cannot be carried out alone. This would significantly increase the test capacities and thus the safety for the population.”

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