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Berlin (dpa / bb) – From the point of view of the Berlin parents’ representatives for daycare children, the new regulation of the Senate on emergency care makes sense. During the lockdown, which began on Wednesday, this time there is no list of systemically important professions that were used in the spring to determine which children were entitled to daycare.

“A list would certainly be easier, but it does not do justice to many situations in families,” said the chairwoman of the Berlin State Parents Committee (LEAK), Corinna Balkow, of the daily newspaper “taz” (Wednesday). “I think it makes sense to focus on talks instead of rigid guidelines,” said Balkow.

“It’s good when someone has the opportunity to take their child to daycare for another day because he or she is in need – and at the same time someone who would formally have a claim to such a list may not need the space and can organize differently. ” Some daycare centers asked in autumn how great the parents’ need would be in the context of emergency care.

“These day-care centers already have a very good picture of what needs there are and what they are able to do with the staff,” said Balkow. “In other daycare centers, the parents are now running down the office door for the day-care center management because nothing is clear – although the situation was foreseeable.”

The education union GEW had accused the Senate on Tuesday that it was untenable for the daycare centers to decide which families are entitled to emergency care during the lockdown. Even during the first lockdown, unclear regulations led to scuffles at the daycare doors.

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