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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The number of unemployed in Baden-Württemberg has fallen for the third month in a row – if only slightly. In November, 266 888 people were registered as unemployed in the southwest – 7383 or 2.7 percent less than in October, as the regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency announced on Tuesday in Stuttgart. The unemployment rate fell by 0.1 percentage points to 4.2 percent. In November 2019 – long before the start of the corona pandemic – the rate was 3.1 percent. Back then, almost 70,000 fewer people were unemployed than they are today.

In view of the effects of the corona pandemic, the number of unemployed had initially risen from spring to summer. It was not until September that the number of people without a job fell again, and this trend continued in October. However, caution is advised when interpreting the November figures. The data did not yet reflect the full effects of the new corona restrictions in November, said regional employment agency boss Christian Rauch. The deadline for collecting the figures was November 11th.

The fact that the economic situation of many companies deteriorated again in November can be seen, for example, from the indicators for short-time working. According to the employment agency, the south-west companies applied for short-time work again for more employees than in October, and employees from the accommodation and catering industries, which are particularly affected by closings, were often affected. However, the data on the so-called reports of short-time work do not say anything about the actual use of the same. Data on this are always available several months later.

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