Lidl: Big recall – warning to customers from all over Germany


At Lidl, there is currently a recall due to the threat to health.

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The discounter Lidl is currently informing about a product recall. Customers are warned: A fish product should no longer be consumed.

Neckarsulm – Only a few days ago Netto had to recall a salmon product from its range. The reason: the manufacturer had it product marked with an incorrect use-by date. Now it has another Discounter met. Lidl also warns against consuming one Fish product.

Discounter Lidl
Seat Neckarsulm, Germany
Employee 192,920 (worldwide, 2019/20)

Lidl recall in Germany: fish contains dangerous bacteria

The Lidl recall concerns the product “Nautica rainbow trout fillets, 125 grams“. According to the discounter, there are fish in the fish Listeria monocytogenes has been proven. The bacteria can be harmful to human health. For the sake of Consumer protection Lidl reacted immediately and removed the affected product from sale.

The fish product is according to a recent announcement in Germany sold in the following federal states: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hessen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. (More current recalls and warnings on

Lidl recall in Germany: This fish product is affected

  • Nautica rainbow trout fillets, 125 g
  • Assortments natural and pepper
  • Manufacturer: Agustson
  • Identitätskennzeichen DK 4566 EG

Lidl recall in Germany: important information for customers

Lidl Germany also gives an important note: the recall of the Trout fillets affects all products, regardless of the use-by date. By the way: Customers should know that Use-by date is not to be equated with the best before date (BBD).

There is a big fish recall at Lidl.

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The information is differentiated, among other things, that the Best before specifies a point in time up to which the manufacturer guarantees that the unopened food is stable when properly stored and none Health hazard represents. But even if the best before date has expired, many foods can usually still be eaten.

However, it looks different with the use-by date. Labeled foods, such as Fish or minced meat however, should no longer be consumed if the indication has been exceeded.

Lidl recall in Germany: Customers shouldn’t eat fish

The Nautica rainbow trout fillets from Lidl should Customers never consume. According to Lidl Germany, there is a risk to health. Because the Listeria monocytogenes can trigger severe Gastric and intestinal diseases as well as symptoms similar to one flu-like infection his.

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He gives a special warning Discounter with certain groups of people. At Infants, Small children, pregnant women as well as old and sick people can therefore serious disease courses occur.

Lidl recall in Germany: Other fish products are not affected

Customers can use the affected products in all Lidl branches returned. The purchase price will be reimbursed – even without presenting the receipt. The discounter emphasizes in its message that other products sold at Lidl Germany – in particular rainbow trout fillets from other manufacturers – are not affected by the recall.

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