Limited edition console with 20 kg solid gold


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As a console, the Playstation 5 is currently a very exclusive hardware item due to the total sale. But for those who want it even more exclusive, the luxury hardware provider Caviar has announced the most luxurious and expensive PS5 console of all time with 20 kilograms of solid gold.

The Russian luxury hardware manufacturer Caviar wants to offer the exclusive Playstation 5 as a Limited Gold Edition on the market. For this purpose, the provider has replaced the original side parts of the console with self-made 18-carat gold. The Dualsense controller has also been redesigned to match.

PS5 side panels made of 20 kg of gold

Caviar opted for a 3D design for the gold side panels. This texture gives the exclusive PS5 console even more volume. In combination with the two controllers, the console manages a total of 30 kg of solid 18-carat gold. The two side parts of the PS5 still manage to weigh 20 kg. This is more than twice as heavy as both PS5 variants combined (4.5 kg with drive, 3.9 kg without drive).

Due to the design of the gold side panels, Caviar has given its Limited Gold Edition of the PS5 the name “Golden Rock”. The dualsense controllers of the PS5 also have a very exclusive redesign. The handles are made of crocodile leather, while the touchpads are made of a gold insert that shines in the same textured design as the console. How playable such a surface actually is remains to be seen.

Pre-order PS5: Limited gold and platinum editions can be pre-ordered this week

Caviar has not yet named a price for the Limited Gold Edition, but with a gold kilo price of around 50,000 euros, we’re talking about a minimum total price of 1.5 million euros. After all, both controllers are already included.

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