Lockdown announcement creates great chaos! – BZ Berlin


The government wants to ensure order with the lockdown, but first creates incredible chaos, says BZ text chief Konstantin Marrach!

Example shopping: From Lichtenberg to Spandau there were a lot of people on Monday to do some quick shopping. You can’t blame them for it.

After all, the shops are forced to close for several weeks from Wednesday. And if you still have to get presents, you can stop and stand in line in the cold. This corona measure does not make you healthy at first.

Example daycare: At first it was said that the kindergartens would remain open, then again not. And then there was talk of some middle ground. Who should see through that?

Backpacks in the entrance area of ​​a daycare center (archive photo) (Photo: picture alliance / dpa)
Who can still bring their children to daycare from Wednesday? There was initially great uncertainty among the parents about this (archive photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Alone in the Whatsapp parents group of my Marzahn daycare center there was total confusion on Monday. First, an educator announced that the daycare would be closed completely from Wednesday.

Then the manager wrote that there was emergency care – but only if both parents had systemically important jobs. Not true either!

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Now, according to the last statement by the Senator of Education so far, a decision will be made depending on the case. So if parents are unable to provide care at home, the child can go to daycare.

A fair solution, unfortunately communicated much too late! Because the organization should now cause even more chaos for tens of thousands of parents of small children and the completely overburdened daycare staff on the day before the lockdown …

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