Mama Samira was in mortal danger after the birth


The two had just watched “The Perfect Dinner” on TV when Samira’s water broke. In the middle of the night, the couple then left. Hardly arrived at the hospital, everything should have happened very quickly. Yasin almost missed the birth.

Samira reveals that she screamed so loudly from the pain that she had to keep her mouth shut, but her little son was a fall birth. It was all over within ten minutes. “Because it happened so quickly, he was completely calm,” recalls the new mom. “We started crying because we thought something was there,” adds Yasin. And unfortunately the father was not allowed to cut the umbilical cord either.

“It’s intense pains, as if you were being torn apart,” Samira recaps the experience, “but when it’s over, it’s the best feeling.” Her little son Malik-Kerim (weighing 3,150 grams, 53 centimeters tall) came on the 21st December at 2:35 am in Hamburg.

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