Mannheim: Another coronavirus-related death – incidence continues to fall


Mannheim.The Mannheim health department confirmed another coronavirus-related death on Friday. Accordingly, a man over 70 years old died in a Mannheim clinic. In total, there have been 120 coronavirus-related deaths in the city since the pandemic began.

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Furthermore, by the afternoon (as of 2 p.m.), 70 further proven coronavirus infections in Mannheim were reported to the health department. The number of confirmed cases in Mannheim increases to a total of 7850. So far, 5560 people in Mannheim are considered to have recovered, and their home quarantine has been lifted. There are 2170 acute cases in Mannheim.

The incidence has fallen to 210.2 infections per 100,000 population in the past seven days

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Quarantine for day trippers in border regions

Due to the infection situation both in Baden-Württemberg and in the border regions, the state has tightened the entry regulations. As the administration announced on Friday, according to the new Corona regulation, quarantine-free entry after a stay of up to 24 hours in a border region is only permitted if the return journey is not primarily for tourist reasons or for the purpose of shopping. The previous regulation did not provide for any restrictions within the framework of the 24-hour rule. For those who pursue tourist purposes with their day trip or just want to go shopping, there is now a subsequent quarantine obligation.

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