“Many and regular contractions”: Is Amira Pocher’s baby coming?


Baby alarm at Amira Pocher (28)? Last June, the presenter confirmed: She and her husband Oliver Pocher (42) will have a second child after their first child was born together in 2019. The German celebrity couple has now even revealed to their fans that they will have a boy again. Now the soon-to-be mom of two is giving a baby update and revealing: She was already in labor!

In her podcast “The Pochers here” Amira and Oli talk about how beauty is doing during their second pregnancy. The native Austrian reveals: It is actually only because any other position is uncomfortable. The comedian even reveals that a few days ago they thought the baby was coming because the 28-year-old was in so much pain. “I had a lot of regular contractions. I didn’t know exactly how to classify them and then I started to measure how often they came”says the dark-haired beauty. She then found that they entered every six minutes.

In total, the contractions lasted almost five hours. Amira then informed Oli and said that she did not know what to do – he only gave her as an answer: “Every seven minutes a single falls in love on Parship, what should I do now?” As she admits, this joke made her laugh – but of course it wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

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Oliver and Amira Pocher announce second pregnancy
Amira Pocher in October 2020
Amira and Oliver Pocher

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