“Maradona fell before his death”


Diego Armando Maradona died last Wednesday at the age of 60.


Diego Maradona’s personal physician Leopoldo Luque is accused of negligent homicide, but he is not aware of any guilt. But now a caretaker of the football legend brings new details to light.

It is getting more and more uncomfortable for Leopoldo Luque and his team of doctors. After investigators searched the house and practice of Maradona’s personal physician on Sunday to look for evidence of misconduct by the doctor, a nurse has now dropped a bomb.

Nurse Gisela Madrid revealed through her lawyer how the Argentine football legend really spent the last days before his death: According to this, Maradona fell in his house just a few days after his brain surgery, but was not treated.

“Diego fell in his house a week before his death and fell on his head,” said Rodolfo Baqué, the nurse’s lawyer, on Argentine television. “But they didn’t take him to the hospital for an examination,” Baqué is quoted as saying in the Italian newspaper “Repubblica”.

And further: “Maradona did not fall on the side from which a blood clot was removed beforehand. Still, you should have called a doctor. But that was not done. You just picked it up and put it in bed. ” The doctors left Maradona alone in his room for three days after the fall.

“… then he would still be alive today”

The pulse of the 60-year-old was much too high, says Baqué: “He had a heartbeat of 115 per minute, the day before his death it was 109. A person with heart problems should never have more than 80 beats per minute . ” Maradona was not treated. Baqué: “He could have had the best doctors in the world, but they just left him there. If he had been taken to a clinic, he would still be alive today. “

Personal physician Leopoldo Luque denied all allegations on Sunday and said tearfully that he had nothing to reproach. Maradona no longer wanted to go to the hospital and decided to seek treatment at home. “He died of a heart attack and it was unpredictable,” said Luque, who said Maradona would have been fine before death. “That is not true,” replies Baqué. “Maradona’s heart had sent clear signals, but no one was listening.”

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