Marriage and family: Pope announces the year of action “Amoris laetitia” on marriage and family


marriage and family

Pope Francis has announced a separate year for the Catholic understanding of marriage and family. It should begin on March 19th, the fifth anniversary of his encyclical “Amoris laetitia”, said the head of the church during the Angelus prayer on Sunday afternoon in the Vatican.

On the first Sunday after Christmas, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Holy Family. It is a matter of “bringing the ideal of conjugal and family love back to life,” said Francis.

The year of action and commemoration is an opportunity to deepen the content of “Amoris laetitia”, for example through concrete suggestions and pastoral guidelines. According to the Pope, the Vatican Authority for Laity, Family and Life is in charge of implementation.

With the document “Amoris laetitia” the Pope summarized the results of two family synods from 2014 and 2015. The text caused discussions above all within the church, because in a footnote of the almost 300-page letter, Francis opens up the possibility of re-married divorced people in individual cases after consultation with a pastor.

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Pope Francis has announced a separate year for the Catholic understanding of marriage and family

Rediscover the educational value of the nuclear family

The writing as a whole, like the Sunday of the Holy Family, is, in the words of Francis, an occasion to “rediscover the educational value of the nuclear family”.

A family must be based on love so that their relationships always open “horizons of hope”. “Sincere fellowship” is possible when there is prayer in a family, when there is “deep and pure affection” and “forgiveness over discord”. “Mutual tenderness and relaxed adherence to God’s will” alleviated the daily hardship of life.

Ending arguments before bed

Of course, there are also arguments in families, sometimes very violent. If at all possible, according to Francis, such a dispute should be ended “before the day ends”. Because the “cold war of the next day is even worse,” said the Pope. In doing so, he again recalled three words that are important for living together: “Please, thank you and sorry”.

As the day before, the Angelus noon prayer was only broadcast online and on television. Because of the curfew in Italy on Sunday, no people should come to St. Peter’s Square to see the Pope as usual at the window of the Apostolic Palace.

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