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So far, the first day of the mass tests has gone without any problems. In doing so, they resorted to experience from South Tyrol. Chancellor Kurz announced that the mass tests will be repeated in at least some regions.

A few hours after the start of the first Austrian corona mass test in the Salzburg municipality of Annaberg-Lungötz, those responsible drew a first interim balance on Tuesday morning and were quite satisfied with the course. Preparations are also under way in Vienna. The registration platform starts at midnight.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has once again announced that the mass tests will be repeated. “The mass tests are of course repeated,” emphasized Kurz. “In theory, it would be perfect to test the whole population two or three times.” This could “as good as wiped out” the virus. However, this is where the limits of availability and logistics are reached. In this respect, you have to do what is practically feasible. According to Kurz, repeated testing of particularly affected groups and regions is planned, but also repeated testing of entire federal states.

Almost three hours after the start of the tests in Annaberg-Lungötz, specifically at 10.45 a.m., around 250 locals had come to the Annaberg fire station to take the sample. The Salzburg Governor Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) informed that the test had so far only been positive in one person. The person concerned was asked to stay at home until the new acceptance test for a PCR test. The proportion of the younger population was still a bit low in the morning; in this age group, more participation is expected around 6 p.m.

Forms from South Tyrol

The fact that the experience from South Tyrol flowed into the planning, where a mass screening had already been held, informed state rescue commander Anton Holzer, that the previous smooth process had helped above all. For example, the Red Cross Salzburg exchanged experiences in video conferences with the White Cross in South Tyrol. The concept from South Tyrol then flowed into the Salzburg preparations, and schedules and forms were even given as templates. “That was very helpful for us,” said the rescue commander.

According to Haslauer, the screening in the small community was split over two days so that you can evaluate after the first day and make changes for the second day if necessary. “So far everything has worked without a hitch.” He expects that a total of 60 percent of the population will come to the test on the two days, a rate that he also hopes for the nationwide screening from December 11th to 13th. The governor also announced today that there will also be a thorough testing of the retirement homes on December 14th, because it is unreasonable for their residents to go to the test locations.

20 euros net per hour

According to Holzer, the Red Cross will need around 900 paramedics for the big test weekend and thus deploy around a third of the entire team in the rescue service. Haslauer expects around 3,000 to 4,000 positive corona cases to be discovered. According to him, the financial compensation for the staff during the tests is now also certain: those helpers who make the cuts should receive 20 euros per hour tax-free, the assistants ten euros per hour.

43,000 registrations in Vorarlberg

In Vorarlberg, 43,000 people registered for the corona mass tests that will take place on the weekend (December 4th to 6th) within one and a half days. Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) called this a “good start” on Tuesday and continued to appeal to the population to take part in the tests. Under the motto “All of Vorarlberg is testing”, Wallner emphasized that the pandemic is being taken up in great solidarity.

Registration in Vienna from midnight

As in Vorarlberg, registration in Vienna is also online. In the federal capital, this will be available from midnight, as the spokesman for City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ) announced. The corresponding federal IT platform is used for this. Registration there is possible from Wednesday. From Wednesday, midnight, the Viennese can register at Ö /.

A total of three locations will be converted into test centers. These are the Messe Wien, the Marx-Halle and the Stadthalle. The construction work on the respective locations has already started. A total of 286 test lines for rapid tests and 20 for PCR tests will be installed.

(APA / red.)

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