Mass tests in Vienna: start with a big crowd


Long lines in front of the corona mass test in front of the Wiener Stadthalle.

The corona mass tests started in Vienna on Friday morning. At three locations, people can be checked for infection using a quick test. In the morning, the rush was already large – among other things at the town hall, as an APA on-site inspection revealed.

The coronavirus mass tests began in Vienna on Friday – and the Viennese are evidently participating actively. At the three locations Stadthalle, Messe and Marx-Halle, there were sometimes considerable queues in front of the entrances. Obviously nobody had to wait long for the entrance. The town hall emerged as a hotspot.

Long queues at Corona mass test locations in Vienna

There was already a lot of activity there in the morning. The queue sometimes reached through the adjacent March Park, although there were also phases with significantly less crowds. The events were therefore quite similar to the picture that can be observed before town hall concerts.

Inside, however, little reminded of such an event. The crowd in the standing parquet was naturally missing. Because everywhere you had to keep your distance. The participants assigned folders to the respective test areas. Whereby you didn’t have to do without music entirely, the test course was filled with Christmas hits from the radio.

Photography and filming are not allowed

At regular intervals, however, there were also announcements in which, for example, it was pointed out that no photos or videos were allowed to be made. Because, it was emphasized, it was a matter of medical interventions that would be carried out here. It is not permitted to take photos of others.

The armed forces are satisfied with the procedure in Vienna

The Viennese military commander Kurt Wagner was satisfied in an interview with the APA: “From our point of view, the start of the test worked well at all three locations in Vienna. We are here in the town hall, this is where the rush is greatest.” In the case of the armed forces, this fact is attributed to the very good accessibility, among other things. In addition, the hall is also positively occupied – since you usually attend events there.

IT breakdown in the Wiener Stadthalle

“Unfortunately, the electronic system has also failed here,” reported Wagner: “Which means for us that we have switched to the analog system.” You record all the data on paper and then record it electronically. “The process is completely the same for the people to be tested.” You come in and have your result in a very short time, confirmed Wagner.

It was clear to him personally that the rush would be great on the first day. And he emphasized: “I’m not assuming that the interest will decrease.” He recommended going to the Marx-Halle and Messe Wien earlier if possible: “There is a lot of free capacity.”

Figures on any positive tests were not yet available. Some participants who told the APA about it after the investigation were in any case negative, as they happily reported. The handling was praised throughout. “It worked surprisingly well. It went smoothly and there were no problems at all,” said a Viennese woman. One man also reported short waiting times and good organization: “I found it sensational, everything was great.” And he emphasized: “I think it’s important that you take part so that we can have a normal, beautiful life again.”

Up to 150,000 corona tests possible in Vienna

The Viennese can be tested until December 13th. A total of 286 test lines for rapid tests and 20 for PCR tests will be installed. Operation is scheduled daily from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The total capacity at the three locations is designed for up to 150,000 tests per day or for a total of more than 1 million people.

Appointments are compulsory and can be found at “”. Name, address, social security number and a contact option must be given there. You can have the test result sent to you either by email or by SMS.

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