Mehmet Scholl railed against training as a coach: “A disaster”


Mehmet Scholl is known as a critic and is currently handing out again. Most recently, the former Bayern player attacked the new BVB coach Terzic. Now Scholl stepped up and attacked football in general.

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The former national player Mehmet Scholl has criticized the coaching training in Germany. “What is happening now in German football is not rocket science. I predicted that three years ago. I know the coaching training, I went through it myself and that is a disaster,” said the 50-year-old ex-Bayern professional in the podcast “MyPodCarsten” from his former Munich team-mate Carsten Jancker.

The choice of trainers for this course alone is “a disaster. They are all smarties who come across as smart and can sell themselves. But they don’t know the essentials,” said the 1996 European champion.

Scholl attacks youth work

“What Jogi is now bathing is simply because you lose games at the highest level, because things are no longer trained in youth,” said the eight-time German champion and Champions League winner in 2001. The current generation is well, “they can all do something, but they can no longer do the essentials, what do I have to do in which situation in the game”.

A return to the coaching job is currently not an issue for the former ARD expert. “I don’t miss anything, I don’t need a job either. I do what I want and only what I enjoy,” said Scholl, who worked as a youth coach at FC Bayern Munich from 2008 to 2013.

A few days ago Scholl had already criticized BVB coach Edin Terzic. “There’s not much in his words. It’s like saying the sun will go on tomorrow. His analysis is not tangible,” said the ex-international. Dortmund’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke countered the statements on his part.

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