Merkel comments on the Corona budget in the general debate


The general debate is about to take place in the Bundestag – traditionally a heated discussion between the government and the opposition. Here you can follow the speeches in the live stream.

You can follow the debate live here

With a four-hour general debate on the course of the federal government, the budget week in the Bundestag (beginning at 9 a.m.) will reach its climax. Usually, the government and the opposition engage in a sharp political exchange. In the course of the debate, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will also take the floor and explain her policy.

It is eagerly awaited whether Merkel will comment on how to proceed with the corona-related restrictions. The debate this year is likely to be heavily influenced by the Federal Government’s approach to the corona pandemic. The fight against the crisis leads to a further drastic increase in new debt. Loans of almost 180 billion euros are planned for the coming year.

09.02 a.m.: Traditionally, the biggest opposition party begins – Alice Weidel from the AfD has the floor. “How much mischief do you want to cause in your remaining term of office?” She asked Chancellor Merkel.

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