Mexico: Marine Biologists May Discover New Whale Species (Video)


In front of the island of San Benito
Scientific sensation: marine biologists may discover new whale species

Watch the video: Scientific sensation – marine biologists may discover new whale species.Marine biologists may have discovered a previously unknown species of beaked whale. They filmed these animals off the Mexican island of San Benito. When analyzing the recordings, they realized that the teeth of the whales are arranged differently than in the previously known species. The singing of the animals is also unusual. OST JAY BARLOW, MARINE BIOLOGIST: “It became clear to us that these weren’t Perrin-beaked whales. We saw something new, something that we did not expect in this area. Something that is acoustically and visually different differs from the previously known species. ” Beaked whales are very shy animals. They usually stay at depths of around 900 meters, where they find food and are protected from enemies. Occasionally they only come to the surface to breathe. The scientists took water samples. They hope to find some animal skin cells there. A DNA analysis could then show whether it really is a new species.


It is not uncommon for scientists to discover new animal species – but in the order of larger mammals it is. The researchers believe they have discovered a previously unknown species of beaked whale.

Source link–meeresbiologen-entdecken-moeglicherweise-neue-walart–video–9527002.html


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