Montet FR: 6 cattle get under SBB train, cow attacks gamekeeper


In Montet FR there was an accident with a herd of cattle and an SBB train on Friday evening. Six animals died and two people were injured.

An accident occurred on the Estavayer and Payerne route


  • A train caught six cattle in Montet FR.

  • One passenger was injured during the emergency braking.

  • A cattle fled towards A1. The ranger who tried to stun it was attacked and injured by the animal.

The outing of a herd of cattle in Montet FR was fatal for several animals. The cattle got onto the tracks around 8 p.m. on Friday evening. An approaching SBB train on the Estavayer and Payerne route could not brake in time despite emergency braking and hit six animals.

One of the animals was trapped under the train, so the transport police and the SBB fire-fighting and rescue train were called up. One person was slightly injured during the emergency braking. Passengers were asked to wait on the train until the damaged train was towed to Cugy station, where they could transfer to a bus, it said.

Since the rest of the herd escaped, patrols by the Freiburg and Vaudois police had to search the region. Three cattle were found in the center of Cugy. Two animals were captured by their owners. A third cattle fled towards the A1 motorway, which is why the rangers were called to stun the animal. According to the police, the cow attacked one of the game rangers during this action and slightly injured him.

Rail traffic was interrupted for 3.5 hours, replacement buses were used. An investigation has been launched.

You know of an animal in need?

Police, Tel. 117 (for wild animals)

(sda / woz)

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