Nathalie Volks Ex Frank Otto already met her newcomer


Nathalie Volk (23) and her Frank Otto (63) separated after five years together – the former Germany’s next top model candidate announced a few days ago. Bad blood wouldn’t flow between them, however – and that, though Nathalie already has a new man at her side: She is in a relationship with “Hells Angels” member Timur A. And she has already introduced her to her ex.

RTL there is a paparazzi video showing how Frank Nathalie picks up at Hamburg Central Station. When asked if he East have already got to know, he just says back: “I have.” And also Nathalie confirms that the two have already met. Frank holds back with his opinion about his ex’s new partner. “I don’t like to talk about people who are not there,” emphasized the 63-year-old.

That Nathalie is now back in firm hands seems to be no problem for him. But what about Frank’s love life? He revealed that in an interview with RTL: “I’ve had five wonderful years and now I’m single for the first time.” But maybe his relationship status will change soon. “I’ll see what’s coming now,” he continued.

Frank Otto and Nathalie Volk 2017 in Hamburg

Instagram / timur_akbulut_frontline

Nathalie Volk and Timur A.
Frank Otto in October 2016 in Hamburg

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