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National League: Shooting festivals – 3 games – 24 goals!


Zug – Lugano 5: 2

You can read the game in the ticker here.

The legs are really fresh again after the first break. He takes a run behind Leonardo Genoni’s housing. After Grégory Hofmann ran across the field, he sank precisely to make it 2-1. The Ticino quintet consistently maintains social distancing, is Zug’s goalgetter only half-heartedly.

It is Hofmann’s fifth goal of the season – and already the third assist for goalie Genoni! The mad gate paralyzes the Luganesi for a short time and is the initial spark for another Zug spectacle. Problem child Carl Klingberg, who previously only managed one hit into the empty goal in 16 games, sinks the puck just as wonderfully. And only 23 seconds later the doorbell rings again behind Lugano keeper Niklas Schlegel, whose mission ends. The only 19-year-old Davide Fadani is making his debut in the National League. The Italian teenager with a Swiss license finds its way into the game quite well.

In their only second mission after the three-week Corona forced break, the Luganesi are anything but willing to write off this duel. They put the Zugers – as they did in the starting quarter of an hour – consistently under pressure. One of the driving forces is Giovanni Morini, who stood in line at Hofmann’s solo run. He succeeds in the connection hit. But the Bianconeri can’t get any closer to the Zugers. Because after a little over 22 minutes in which Fadani has kept his box clean, Hofmann makes him decide. The passport comes from Jan Kovar and deserves the title world class. (NV)

The best: Grégory Hofmann (Lugano). The double goal scorer is back on track.

The plum: Niklas Schlegel (Lugano). With the second and third goals, the goalie doesn’t look stylish.

The goals: 9. Heed (Bödker / PP2) 0: 1. 17. Alatalo (Martschini) 1: 1. 21. Hofmann (Genoni) 2: 1. 33. Klingberg 3: 1. 34. Diaz (Thorell) 4: 1. 45. Morini (Bertaggia) 4: 2. 56. Hofmann (Kovar) 5: 2.

Davos – Biel 4: 5 nV

Intense, sometimes dramatic and sometimes wild. Davos and Biel engage in a wear and tear with encore. A game worth seeing with a deserved winner. The decision in extra time is symptomatic of the entire course of the game: Davos lacks precision in an attack, is outnumbered in a counter-attack and is punished. Rajala circles the disc in an exemplary manner on Moser’s stick goal.

The HCD is in the lead 3: 1 and 4: 3, but conceded every time again. Overall, Biel is more coordinated, more precise and more creative in the combinations, while the HCD relies on unpredictability with wild attacks and deals from all positions. Because this tendency also applies to the defensive rows, there is a basic order in Biel’s own zone, while a basic disorder dominates at HCD. The defenders of the Bündner run into the void with simple deceptions, miss the cover work or let themselves be surprised by steep passes.

The Bieler are annoyed now and then about the 2-1 Lindgrens, which raises the suspicion of a goalkeeper disability. This goalkeeper (Van Pottelberghe) defends himself against the Davos Duke with his stick and gets tangled in his legs. When Herzog is then pushed by Biel’s defender Sartori, a leverage effect is transferred to Van Pottelberghe, who is turned off his axis and ultimately loses his defensive position. Probably one could have let the dice decide in this decision, the fact that goalkeeper handicap is now a gray area with around 50 shades. (dk)

The best: Luca Cunti (Biel). Strong running, strong dribbling, strong finish. Again and again with flashes of inspiration.

The plum: Samuel Guerra (Davos). Is simply overrun by Rajala before the 3: 3, something is wrong with the positional play.

The goals: 11. Hügli (Komarek, Hofer) 0: 1. 15. Lindgren (Palushaj) 1: 1. 19. Lindgren 2: 1. 29. (28:20) Guerra (M. Wieser) 3: 1. 29. (28:37) Komarek (Hügli) 3: 2. 31. Rajala (Pouliot, Fey) 3: 3. 52. Palushaj 4: 3. 55. Cunti (Rathgeb) 4: 4. 63. Moser (Rajala) 4: 5.

Lausanne – SCRJ Lakers 5:3

Most recently, Lausanne had to deal with the heavyweights of the league three times and only got two out of a possible nine points from the games against Zug and the ZSC. That’s where the SCRJ Lakers come in handy, you might think. But even Rappi is not easily digestible food.

The Tomlinson team, which is placed in the top 6 thanks to the large number of games played (6 more than its rival Lugano), plays without complexes. You are not impressed by the fact that you haven’t won in Lausanne for six years. The Lakers are initially more alert, faster and more active. And take the lead through Clark.

But Lausanne turns the tide after two careless puck losses by Vukovic and Moses in their own zone. But Rappi stays tuned. The nifty and cheeky Lehmann manages to balance things out with a not quite stylish Buebetrickli. And Jelovac also found an answer to the renewed Lausanne lead, straight back from the penalty box. Only the 4-3 from Hudon pulls the teeth of the Obersee team. Then Lausanne is clearly better. (sr)

The best: Denis Malgin (Lausanne). The loan of the Toronto Maple Leafs pulls the strings with the Vaudois.

The plum: Daniel Vukovic (Lakers). His loss of the puck is at the origin of the 1: 1.

The goals: 17. Clark (Jelovac, Rowe) 0:1. 18. Bozon (Jooris, Barberio) 1:1. 22. Bertschy (Kenins) 2:1. 30. Lehmann (Rowe) 2:2. 41. Gibbons (Almond, Barberio/PP) 3:2. 45. Jelovac (Wick) 3:3. 49. Hudon (Gibbons, Malgin) 4:3. 60. Malgin (Gibbons) 5:3 (ins leere Tor).

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