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Eloise is becoming a real queen. At least on the internet. The Dutch woman is a real Insta-Queen. This is of course due to her last name: Van Oranje. The 18-year-old is the niece of King Willem-Alexander and is only a click away from the throne. And she is the only one of the Dutch royals who appears openly on social networks.

Eloise already has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, tens of thousands like her films on TikTok. “Gräfinfluencer” she is already jokingly called. On the Internet, she not only shares snapshots and anecdotes from her own student life or sells her old clothes. She also gives some insight into the life of her famous family.

Why Eloise is more present on Instagram than her family

When it comes to their private life, the Oranje family is anything but laid-back Dutch. There are no more than two photo ops a year, and on King’s Day, the folk festival for Willem-Alexander’s birthday on April 27, everyone is dressed up and in a good mood.

Countess Eloise at the celebrations for Princess Beatrix’s 80th birthday


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Eloise reveals more of herself. Admittedly, she can do that because the strict media rules do not apply to her like her cousin, Crown Princess Amalia (17). After all, Eloise is only the eldest daughter of Prince Constantijn, the king’s younger brother, and Princess Laurentien.

Eloise happily posts photos of herself, her friends and everyday life as a student at the hotel management school in Amsterdam on Instagram and Tiktok. The girl with the contagious laugh chats casually and, above all, looks pleasantly normal.

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“I never thought that people would find me interesting,” she says, wondering about her success. “I’m a completely normal girl with a title.” It is, however, very long. Eloise Sophie Beatrix Laurence, Countess of Oranje-Nassau, Baroness of Amsberg.

Netherlands: Countess with wine glass and cigarette

Although Eloise gained notoriety on the Internet, it did not become known to the general public until the summer. The Orange Countess carelessly placed a photo of herself on Instagram, a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. That in turn put a gossip sheet on the front page. And since then Eloise has also been recognized on the street and in the supermarket. She had to get used to that, as she said in a conversation with an influencer on YouTube: “This is really strange. But now I watch what I post. “

Group photo of the royals

Princess Ariane of the Netherlands (from left to right), Princess Leonore of the Netherlands, Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, Prince Claus-Casimir of the Netherlands and Countess Eloise of the Netherlands stand for an official photo opportunity together during their winter vacation.

You can see her with friends, at the driving lesson, with a face mask and sometimes without. And she gives little insights into the life of the Oranjes: for example, she only calls her uncle the king Alex. Or: The former Queen Beatrix is ​​a dear grandma who she visits with her friends from time to time.

This is what her parents say about Countess Eloise’s media presence

Incidentally, the extended family always celebrates Easter in Grandma Beatrix’s country house in Italy, said Eloise. On Easter Sunday the grandchildren would then be sent to a tower to watch TV. “We didn’t watch TV, of course,” she admitted. “We looked out the window and watched our parents.” Sure: So that they knew exactly where the Easter eggs were hidden.

Her parents think their daughter’s media appearances are great. Mostly. Eloise recently filmed the Prince and Princess dancing disco in the kitchen. When the little film haunted the net and thousands of users added their mustard, Father Constantijn sighed on Twitter: “Daughters and social media.”

Mother Laurentien was relatively relaxed. “The most important thing is that Eloise stays as she is and that she is firmly established in life,” she told television. “And you can see how happy she is. She celebrates life. “(Dpa)

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