New “dream ship”: Silbereisen is fun to be a captain


Florian Silbereisen celebrates his anniversary: ​​On Boxing Day (December 26th, 8:15 pm, ORF 2 and ZDF) it will be exactly one year since he was seen as the “Traumschiff” captain for the first time. To celebrate the day, the hit star steers the steamer to South Africa. “It’s always something special for me to slip into the captain’s uniform for the dream ship. It feels good and I have a lot of fun,” said Silbereisen in an interview with the German press agency.

As always, the new episode is about a young couple who only find each other indirectly, a dark family secret and redeeming sparklers on the dessert. The lovers this time are Annika Keller (Sarah Elena Timpe) and Dennis Berger (Benjamin Trinks), who the computer of a dating agency, “the algorithm of love”, has declared to be the perfect match. To the incomprehension of Dennis, who doesn’t like women with glasses, and to the horror of Annika, who can’t stand men in a pink shirt.

Lea Bremer (Melodie Wakivuamina) is on the trail of her family secret: a native South African who was adopted as a baby by a wealthy German couple and who wants to go to Cape Town to find her birth mother. Marianne Sägebrecht stands in the way as sister Magdalena. But help is coming in the form of dancer Motsi Mabuse as Malaika Balewa, a friend of the mother we are looking for.

There is also a guest appearance by US actress Linda Evans, who is looking for a dream because – in keeping with her earlier role in the cult series “Denver Clan” – her family has always been about business. “My family is more interested in oil”. And this time there is also a threatening farewell: Dr. Sander (Nick Wilder) wants to disembark after “half a life” as a ship’s doctor – because of love. But he’s brooding.

So far, Silbereisen has been to Aruba, Colombia and Morocco with the “dream ship” – and now to South Africa. The ZDF shows a carefree pre-Corona Cape Town, which was filmed in January and February 2020 before the pandemic changed the world and especially travel.

“There have often been years when I haven’t been away from home and that’s why I’ve never had wanderlust. I really like being at home. But this year I suddenly had wanderlust like never before,” says Silbereisen. “If something is only possible to a limited extent or even prohibited, we want it even more. Travel means freedom and my generation has never had to deal with the subject of travel restrictions or even renunciation. That should make us all humble.”

The “Traumschiff” episode allows one look back at a time when this humility was still lacking, when long-distance travel was a matter of course for many.

A “Traumschiff – Spezial”, a report following the episode on Christmas Day, shows what effects the global plague had on the shooting – also for the Seychelles episode that ZDF wants to show on New Year’s Day. Silbereisen and Harald Schmidt were not allowed to come, which meant that scripts had to be rewritten. And then the actors who were already there had to stay on the ship much longer than planned. Actor Daniel Morgenroth finally launched an appeal among crew members, crew and tourists because he ran out of toothpaste.

For the Seychelles episode, part of the film was not shot in the sunny South Seas, but in the cold north of Germany. For some scenes, the ocean had to be added digitally afterwards. That’s never happened before. But, as it is said in a scene from the report behind the scenes, in which actors sing together with cruise tourists, it is blasted: “That can’t shake a sailor.”

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