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In the run-up to Christmas, the service is making a technical gift –
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Many users will know it: group chats. The flood of news that comes across here every day can quickly get on your nerves over time. Chat for the virtual after-work beer with the boys, the soccer training group that uses funny pictures and videos to pass the training-free time because of the global corona pandemic – the chat with the girls who have not been with everyone for too long a cocktail evening: Especially in the current time, there are numerous group chats that are supposed to help you at least meet your best friends or family online.

Steel helmet, fondue and seal: these are the new emojis 2020

Almost everyone knows them, almost everyone uses them, almost everyone loves them: Emojis are something like the lowest common denominator in digital communication. In the summer, new characters are to come onto the end devices – we’ve gathered some of them!

But that also means: news without end, day after day. Quite a few therefore mute one or the other chat in order not to get a possibly embarrassing message pushed onto the phone in a meeting with the boss. Up until now, chats could only be muted for a maximum of one year.

WhatsApp with hammer: messages now delete themselves – this is how it works

Most of the time, mute a chat is a life-long decision – and not just for a year. If, after exactly 365 days, you are wondering why you are suddenly being pushed to certain groups again, you can mute the chat again for a year – and then be reminded of it again in a year. Small problems, especially in the current time – nevertheless annoying in a technical age like today.

The makers of WhatsApp have now heard the wishes of the users: With the latest update for iOS and Android, it is possible to mute chats not just for a week or a year – but now forever. To do this, you just have to swipe the corresponding chat to the left, then a field with “more” appears; if a user clicks on it, the “mute” tab appears – now with a new “forever” function. This means that the slightly annoyed muting again in 365 days is now a thing of the past – forever.

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