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Neu-Isenburg – In order to make the important decision about a kidney replacement procedure – dialysis or transplant – patients need to be well informed. If kidney failure is diagnosed, the doctor and patient therefore consult together about which kidney replacement procedure is suitable. The newly published KfH patient brochure “Living with Dialysis. Make well informed decisions. ”And the brochure“ New kidney. New life. ”Support it.

“It is our concern to offer our patients the best possible treatment in all stages of their illness,” emphasizes Professor Dr. med. Dieter Bach, chairman of the board of the KfH Kuratorium für Dialysis und Nierentransplantation e. V, Neu-Isenburg. For patients who are dependent on a kidney replacement procedure, it is important to know which different dialysis procedures there are in addition to the kidney transplant.

Should kidney replacement therapy be necessary, the doctors on site at the KfH centers discuss the various options with their patients. The decision for or against a kidney transplant or dialysis procedure is made by the patient together with their treating nephrologist.

Dialysis guide

The new patient brochure “Living with Dialysis” clearly explains the two dialysis methods hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and their respective advantages. KfH offers all forms of dialysis both at home and in its KfH centers. The guide also contains information about the function of the kidneys and what happens when they become ill. Which therapy is the best for treatment depends on various factors, such as general health, age, concomitant diseases, the prognosis of kidney disease and individual living conditions.

Kidney transplant guide

In the patient brochure “New kidney. New life ”the focus is on kidney transplantation: On 28 pages, patients and their relatives will find, among other things, guidance on the decision for or against kidney transplantation, information on the necessary preliminary examinations and the course of a kidney transplantation as well as helpful contact addresses.

Both brochures are available for download at or can be ordered from [email protected]

Background information:

The non-profit KfH Kuratorium für Dialysis und Nierentransplantation eV was founded in 1969 and created the necessary conditions to gradually establish nationwide dialysis treatment in Germany. Today KfH stands for comprehensive and high-quality care for patients with kidney disease in all different stages of kidney disease. In more than 200 KfH centers around 19,000 dialysis patients and currently around 70,000 consultation hours patients are comprehensively treated.

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