Next.e.GO Mobile SE is ready for production in Germany at the beginning of 2021 First international production letter of intent signed with Greece | 12/16/20


AACHEN, Germany, December 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / –

  • Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the only independent European manufacturer of electric vehicles, is ready to start production at its main plant in Germany.
  • The German electrical OEM is aiming to start production in early 2021 with a homologated BEV platform.
  • Next.e.GO Mobile SE has successfully applied for a CO2-Pool partnered with a large OEM.
  • The first international cooperation agreement to set up a second series production was signed with the Greek government.
  • The first management press conference is planned for January 2021, at which the company’s growth strategy and two new product lines will be presented.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, the only independent European manufacturer of electric vehicles, will start production at its main plant in Germany at the beginning of 2021 and drive global expansion with its revolutionary production technology. The company had successfully completed the homologation of one of the most ecologically sustainable four-seater electric vehicles, the e.GO Life platform.

With the successful takeover of the business assets and the necessary systems of the predecessor company, e.GO Mobile AG, the prerequisites were created to resume series production in early 2021. In addition, Next.e.GO Mobile SE has already received its World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) number. The re-registration as a vehicle manufacturer is therefore planned for the first quarter of 2021.

In addition, Next.e.GO Mobile SE has successfully applied for a CO2-Pool merged with a large OEM and thus secured an important source of income for itself as an electric car manufacturer.

In the international environment, Next.e.GO Mobile SE and Enterprise Greece, the investment and trade arm of the Greek state, signed a letter of intent this week to set up a joint venture in Greece. The agreement serves to establish a first international production site outside of Germany for the e.GO Life platform. This is an important step on the way to the international growth of e.GO and is fully in line with the mission to transform urban e-mobility.

The company has also advanced development work to expand its product range. Two new models are in the final phase and will be presented at the company’s management press conference in January 2021.

“The innovation lead of e.GO is that for the first time in the automotive industry the customer, the product and the production are merged into a digital platform and the production technology enables a capacity increase with an unrivaled capital efficiency. This is a revolution that electric cars are about to affordable, connected devices and driving customer adoption, “says Ali Vezvaei, CEO of nd Group BV, the majority shareholder of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

“The design and properties of the e.GO Life, its Industry 4.0 production technology and the versatile potential business models position Next.e.GO Mobile SE perfectly to transform urban mobility throughout Europe and beyond. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead of us, “adds Prof. Ulrich Hermann, CEO of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

Next.e.GO Mobile SE

Next.e.GO Mobile SE, based in Aachen, is a manufacturer of electric vehicles and sustainable mobility systems. Use on the RWTH Aachen campus 370 employees of Next.e.GO Mobile SE the unique network from science and economy with 420 technology companies and a comprehensive research infrastructure. Agile teams are working on various cost-effective and particularly durable electric vehicles for short-haul traffic.

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