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Nina Bott is damn pregnant – and feels like “a waddling duck”


Honest pregnancy update

The time has come at the end of January: Then Nina Bott’s fourth child (42) will finally see the light of day. If the little one wants to wait that long, because the baby bump of the former “Prominent” presenter and actress has really exploded! Even everyday things suddenly become increasingly difficult for her, as she admits in a blunt pregnancy update on Instagram.

Nina’s friend Benjamin Baarz has to lend a hand

“A week or two ago I had the feeling of floating. Now I feel like a waddling duck and I’m really a bit rusty,” the ex-GZSZ star wrote about the cute snapshot on Instagram. On it you can see: A happy Nina with a round baby bump. But that is gradually getting in the way of the 42-year-old: “Fortunately, my boyfriend is in the home office and can always put my shoes on and take them off. I’m pretty immobile.”

Nina Bott has already had contractions

Yes, in the 33rd week of pregnancy, the offspring that grows in mom’s tummy also needs space. The offspring has probably already practiced a bit, as Nina further reveals: “After a lot of contractions at the weekend, the stomach is now quite sagged and the baby has obviously slipped into position.”

Until Lennox (16), Luna (5) and Lio (1) can finally hold their little sibling in their arms, it will take a little while – now Christmas is just around the corner. And at the latest when New Year’s Eve is over, it’s already January.

In the video: Is Nina Bott already planning baby number 5?

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