Nintendo Switch: FBI finds worse than expected with leakers and hackers


A leaker and hacker had regularly published information about the Nintendo Switch. When the FBI arrests him, she finds something far worse.

  • As a teenager he was able to get involved in the Nintendo Hack the server.
  • At that time he published, among other things, secret information about the unreleased Nintendo Switch.
  • When the house was searched again, they found FBI– Officials but much worse on his PC.

Palmdale, Kalifornien – A few years ago, a young man made Hacker the Japanese group Nintendo powerful to create because he tapped secret and confidential data on the servers and partially published them. This also included information on the then unpublished Nintendo Switch. Although the Hacker Vowed to get better, he struck again. Found in a search FBI-But officials not only provide valuable information Nintendobut also other hideous things.

Company Name Nintendo Co., Ltd.
founder Yamauchi Fusajiro
founding 23. September 1889 in Kyoto, Japan
CEO Shuntaro Furukawa
Head office Kyoto, Japan
sales $ 12 billion (fiscal year 2019/2020)

Nintendo: Hacker pleads guilty

An American, youthful one Hacker called Ryan Hernandez hat Nintendo has caused quite a bit of trouble over the past few years. In 2016, for example, he got into the Nintendo Server infiltrated and valuable information about Nintendo Switch and other unreleased products stolen and shared on social media. After he dated FBI was interviewed in his home in October 2017, he no longer promised to go into the Nintendo Hacking servers and stealing data. Unfortunately it held out Hernandez failed to keep his promise and continued to hack into various servers Nintendofor information about unreleased games, products, consoles, and developer tools.

He shared this information under the pseudonyms RyanRocks or Ryan West on Twitter and his own Discord channel, called “Ryan’s Underground Hangout”. There he probably instigated others to join the Nintendo Hacking servers and leaking secret information. More than three years hacked Hernandez into the servers and was finally released again in July 2019 by FBI visited. During the house search, they secured FBI– Officials various electronic devices, including a Seagate external hard drive which has thousands of secret Nintendo Included files related to games, consoles, and products, plus an Apple MacBook and two Nintendo Switch Consoles. Overall, the damage is said to be for Nintendo be over $ 5,000.

Nintendo: prison sentence for hackers – but FBI finds worse

© Nintendo/pixabay (Montage)

Nintendo: Hackers didn’t just store secret Nintendo data

But when the electronic equipment was searched, it wasn’t just thousands Nintendo-Data to light that Hernandez should never have owned, but also offensive content from children and young people. According to the information from the court order (trigger warning: sexual abuse), an estimated 669 images and 968 videos were found showing sexual (abuse) acts by minors. These files were titled by the Hacker even sorted with “Bad Stuff” (in German “Bad Stuff”) and in sub-folders with the names “cute”, “okish” (“quite okay”) and others. In some cases the children depicted were not even 12 years old.

The Hacker, Ryan Hernandez, has pleaded guilty to all allegations and is now expecting one prison sentence of three years. The court also recommends Hernandez in an institution for inmates with cognitive problems. After serving the prison sentence becomes Hernandez registered as a sex offender and placed under surveillance for seven years. He also has to pay close to $ 260,000 in damages Nintendo numbers.

Nintendo is known for making short work of hackers and modders – im Hernandez-Fall could Nintendo With the indictment, you can prevent anything worse than pure hacking and data leakage. Most recently, Nintendo released a collector’s edition of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

Rubriklistenbild: © Nintendo/pixabay (Montage)

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