No additional noise protection for airport residents


The down payment regulations of the 2nd Aircraft Noise Protection Ordinance are permissible, the court justifies the judgment.
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You have to do without additional protection against aircraft noise: The Federal Administrative Court has rejected an appeal by three residents of Frankfurt Airport.

AResidents of Frankfurt Airport are not entitled to extended noise protection. The Federal Administrative Court rejected the appeal by three residents on Thursday. The discount regulations of the 2nd Aircraft Noise Protection Ordinance are permissible, explains the presiding judge of the 4th Senate, Kerstin Schipper, the decision on Thursday evening. This provides for different noise protection regulations for existing buildings than for new buildings. However, this authorization basis does not violate the provisions of the Aircraft Noise Protection Act and also does not violate fundamental rights, the statement went on to say.

The homeowners who live in the airport’s approach lanes had asked the state of Hesse to pay for additional protective measures such as soundproof windows. However, the Leipzig judges consider the 2nd Aircraft Noise Protection Ordinance to be lawful and confirm rulings of the Hessian Administrative Court in Kassel from 2018 (VGH).

The plaintiffs were supported by the Stop Fluglärm association. In his opinion, the current level of protection is not sufficient to guarantee healthy living conditions and undisturbed sleep.

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