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“Think outside the box” initiator Michael Ballweg has called for people to adhere to the ban on thinking outside the box in Berlin at the turn of the year. In a video message published on the Internet on Christmas Eve, he asked “to accept the ban on the demonstrations in Berlin and on December 30th, December 31st. and on 1.1. not to go to Berlin ”.

On Wednesday the police announced that they had banned the “lateral thinking” demonstration against government restrictions in the corona crisis planned for December 30 in Berlin. In view of the pandemic, such a rally would pose an immediate threat to public safety and order, the police said. 22,500 participants were announced for the large-scale demonstration.

It was originally planned for New Year’s Eve under the motto “Welcome 2021 – the year of freedom and peace”. With the latest Corona regulation, however, the Berlin Senate had imposed a general ban on meetings on December 31 and January 1. Politicians feared that the police would be overloaded if they had to monitor compliance with the Corona rules at the turn of the year – busy days anyway – and accompany the large demonstration.

Because of the ban on gathering on New Year’s Eve, the “lateral thinking” organizers had brought the demonstration forward by one day. Ballweg had previously said that he wanted to sue the ban.

Ballweg is looking for other organizers for large demos

In his video message from Christmas Eve, he announced that he would initially no longer register any major “lateral thinking” demonstrations. With this retreat in winter, he said, strength should be gathered for spring.

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“For this reason, I will not register any more large demonstrations in the future,” said Ballweg. He also recommends this to other “lateral thinking” groups in Germany. At the same time, he called for an organization to be found that would register a large-scale demonstration “in the near future”. He is also happy about everyone who is active himself and who holds smaller meetings.

Green parliamentary deputy reacts with sarcasm

The deputy leader of the Greens in the Bundestag, Konstantin von Notz, responded to Ballweg’s announcement with sarcasm on Friday morning. “Meetings with the purpose of promoting the harmlessness of Covid-19 are apparently too dangerous at the moment,” wrote von Notz on Twitter.

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