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So-called “last-minute offers” run at Amazon. Raised as a last call for gift shopping before Christmas, there are numerous offers from different categories here every day. On Friday, December 11th, popular lighting from Philips Hue will sometimes be much cheaper.

A total of 12 sets, lamps and put together packages are on offer on Amazon. There is a lot for both beginners and Hue professionals.

Philips Hue on sale at Amazon: starter sets under 100 euros

When it comes to entry-level sets, two to three offers are suitable: Depending on your needs, there is the Philips Hue Bridge – i.e. the central ZigBee control unit – together with two E27 or E10 lamps from the White & Color Ambiance series. These not only ensure temperature-controlled white, but also continuous and atmospheric colored light. Both sets usually cost well over 100 euros, but are now available for 99 and 94 euros respectively.

The package with bridge and 2-meter light strip is also a good tip for getting started. The flexible light strip is modular and can be expanded up to 10 meters. The starter set now costs 92.99 euros, which is also below the 100 mark and is almost 50 euros cheaper.

On the left the E27 lamp and on the right the lamp with GU10 socket.

Extension sets and complete lamps cheaper

In addition to individual lights and “bare” smart home accessories, the range also includes designer lamps and completely mountable spots. There is a lot from this area in the daily offers on Amazon.

The highlight – albeit still not cheap – is the Ensis pendant luminaire from Philips Hue. A refined floating lamp that also shines colorfully (White & Color Ambiance) and unfolds its atmospheric magic thanks to indirect lighting. The light strip for over the living room table costs almost 330 euros, the normal price of the lamp: 399 euros. The offer even includes the Smart Button, a configurable magnetic switch for dimming and controlling the system.

Further offers can also be found for the Flourish ceiling light, for the 4-spot Buratto or for some floor and outdoor lights. Additional accessories are always included, such as the smart button or – for the outdoor lights – a motion sensor. The cheapest overall offer is the set consisting of the Hue Go LED table lamp, which costs 69.99 euros together with the smart button. Overall, the discount ranges between around 10 and 33 percent.

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Even if the promotion pops up in the daily offers from Amazon, it may be – as it was last around Black Friday – that the offers are online for the whole weekend. But only while stocks last. According to the display on the offer page, some sets are already in the red area in terms of stock. We maintain other Philips Hue offers in this article.

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