O2 prepaid annual packages “free” with smartphone or tablet


An annual package for prepaid customers has recently been available directly from the mobile operator O2. The “all-inclusive” annual package now includes interesting deals for everyone who wants to buy cheap new hardware at their own tariff.

Because depending on how you combine the prepaid annual package with hardware at O2, an annual package is included “free of charge”. The best offer is the O2 my Prepaid Internet-to-Go tariff with a Samsung Tab A 8.0. The tablet regularly costs 169 euros at O2. If you order it now with the O2 my Prepaid Internet-to-go tariff, you will get both together at a price of 169 euros. The tariff offers 30 GB for 365 days and normally costs 49.99 euros – i.e. only the SIM card itself. This saves you around 50 euros on booking for a short time.
The annual package is also available with a mobile phone
If you are looking for a smartphone instead and prefer to make flat-rate calls, you can also get the annual package with a Galaxy A20e. The annual package includes a combination of 12 GB LTE data and telephone and SMS flat rates (normal price 69.99 euros). The smartphone is available individually from O2 for 176.44 euros. In the bundle you only pay 149.99 euros – so you have a price advantage of around 96 euros. Even if you compare the offer with the cheap online prices for the A20e, you still save a lot with O2. The average price of the A20e is 130 euros, for 20 euros more you can order it from O2 with the prepaid annual flat rate.

The best hardware bundles with an annual package

An important advantage when booking directly with O2 and not with one of the discounters that also offer the annual prepaid tariffs is the speed.

All-in-one “annual packages

The “all-in” annual package from O2 consists of 12 GB high-speed data volume with a maximum of 225 Mbit / s download. The upload speed can be up to 50 Mbit / s. The package also includes an all-network flat rate for telephony and SMS to all German networks. EU roaming is included. With the annual smartphone package without hardware, O2 prepaid customers can then make flexible calls and surf the web for 365 days for a one-time fee of 69.99 euros.
The high-speed offer is also available for tariffs that only offer data volume without telephony and SMS. With prepaid Internet-to-Go, 30 GB are available for a one-time fee of 49.99 euros.

O2 Prepaid Internet-to-Go Now especially cheap with hardware

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Tarif, O2, Telefonica, O2 Free

Tarif, O2, Telefonica, O2 Free

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