OGC Nice separates from Vieira – 11th place & EL-Aus with the fifth highest Ligue 1 expenditure


Quote from Marsupilami

Quote from Gerrinho

Quote from Barca10alexI find it very, very sad that old players just become coaches because of their name and their “connections” without having to prove themselves first.

Coaches like Vieira, Gattuso, Pirlo, Gerrard etc. would never coach top clubs if they didn’t have the acquaintances.

Solskjaer is also a classic example.

Solskjaer doesn’t fit at all? He did a good job in Norway and only then joined ManU.

It’s a bit of a comparison anyway … Vieira had previously worked as a coach in the youth of ManCity for years, then continued in the USA before moving to Nice. Gerrard also worked well in his youth for years and is currently leading the Rangers very well.
Except for Pirlo, everyone had to prove themselves first … Sure, you probably get a job as a youth coach or as an assistant coach because you have your name in the sport, but you can’t keep yourself forever with it and develop further anyway.
I just think it’s wrong to put that on the name and talk about Connections. A lot of the coaches who were already world-class players have been passable coaches so far.

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