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Large-scale fire service at TV star Oliver Geissen (51).

On Sunday evening the thatched holiday home of the TV presenter burned down in the village of Hillgroven in the Dithmarschen district (Schleswig-Holstein). Geissen’s management confirmed the incident to BILD.

Bitter loss: The vacation home of Geissen and his wife Christina Plate (55), which is about 25 kilometers southeast of Sankt Peter-Ording, burned down completely, according to the fire brigade.

Oliver Geissen with his wife, the actress Christina Plate

Foto: Eventpress MP

What happened? Local residents alerted the fire brigade on the evening of the 3rd Advent. At the scene of the incident, the approximately 70 firefighters were initially only able to discover massive smoke development from the ridge area of ​​the roof – but no open flames!

But that posed a big problem for the emergency services. A spokesman for the fire brigade: “Due to the heavy smoke inside the building, the source of the fire could not be clearly located. It was clear, however, that a smoldering fire was already present in the thatched roof. ”

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The holiday home burned to the ground

Photo: Simon Pfeiffer / West Coast News

In the course of the extinguishing work, an excavator was used to demolish parts of the house so that embers could be extinguished. The smoldering fire immediately ignited into a fire and suddenly spread to the entire roof area.

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The house burned to the ground

Photo: Simon Pfeiffer / West Coast News

The rescue workers fought the flames for four hours, even the “Respiratory Protection Emergency Trained Relay” (ANTS) was deployed – without success. One difficulty: During the operation, the five weirs only had two hydrants for the extinguishing water supply, which were further away. The thatched roof house burned down completely. An off-road vehicle that had been parked at the house could, however, be towed in time.

Around midnight, the first emergency services withdrew, a fire watch was set up overnight, and further extinguishing work had to be carried out. The fire brigade was able to switch off the electricity at the Geissens house – beforehand, the entire settlement had to be switched off for a while.

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Only a ruin remained of the holiday home

Photo: BILD-Hamburg

Why the fire broke out in the house remains unclear. Even when asked by BILD this afternoon, the police could not say anything about the cause of the fire. Criminal Investigation Department took over the investigation. According to BILD information, however, the police officers have not yet been able to go into the ruins to begin securing evidence. The fire is said to have caused damage of around 750,000 euros.

Luck in misfortune: Nobody was injured – Oliver Geissen and his family were not on site during the fire. The moderator did not want to comment on BILD’s request.

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The fire caused damage of around 750,000 euros

Photo: BILD-Hamburg

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