Ombudsman obtains NoVA exemption for people with severe walking difficulties also for leased cars


Ombudsman Amon pleased with change: “Law change was necessary.”

Vienna (OTS)

People with the additional entry “Unreasonable use of public transport” in their handicap pass are usually exempt from the standard consumption tax (NoVA). However, this only applies if the vehicle is bought by the person concerned; in the case of leasing, the exemption does not apply. For this reason, several people with severe walking difficulties have turned to the Ombudsman Board for assistance.

Ombudsman Amon then informed the Federal Minister of Finance about this unequal treatment and suggested a change in the law. “It cannot be that people who are dependent on their own motor vehicle are forced to buy it because they would otherwise have to pay NoVA, although they would be entitled to an exemption from this.” Amon appears surprised.

The BMF promised to discuss the problem identified by the Ombudsman in the course of the implementation of the federal government’s tax reform plans and to adjust the NoVAG if necessary. In response to this suggestion, the National Council and the Federal Council decided to change the law, which in future also provides for an exemption from the NoVA for leasing vehicles for people with severe walking difficulties.

I am very satisfied with this solution and I am pleased that the concerns of the Ombudsman Board have been completely dispelled and that this unequal treatment has been eliminated.“Emphasizes Ombudsman Amon.

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