Opposition wants referendum after election in Venezuela


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On the day after he boycotted and internationally controversial parliamentary elections in Venezuela, opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for a referendum. “This is the opportunity to turn this setback into force, into mobilization,” said the self-appointed interim president on Monday. Meanwhile, Russia, in contrast to the USA and the EU, described the elections won by Venezuela’s socialist head of state Nicolás Maduro as “transparent”.

With the election victory, Maduro regained control of all institutions in the country. However, many Venezuelans had followed Guaidó’s call to boycott the election, and the turnout was just 31 percent. The EU said on Monday that it does not recognize the result as representative. According to its own statements, the USA continues to regard Guaidó as interim president.

According to Guaidó’s will, the Venezuelans should vote by Saturday on whether his mandate as parliamentary president should be extended beyond January 5th. This should serve the organization of “free, fair and transparent” elections.

Contrary to the statements of the US and the EU, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the elections were carried out in a “more responsible and transparent manner” “than in some other countries which usually present themselves as“ model democracy ””. The refusal of “some governments” to recognize the elections shows their inability to recognize objective realities, Moscow said.

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