Orban party member: MEPs and diplomats celebrate illegal sex party in Brussels


The Belgian police caught several people at an illegal sex and drug party on Friday evening. The Hungarian politician Jozsef Szajer has confirmed his participation.

Jozsef Szajer resigned from his post after an illegal sex party.


After surprisingly renouncing his mandate as a member of the European Parliament, the Hungarian politician Jozsef Szajer has admitted participation in an illegal party in Brussels. “I was present,” wrote the 59-year-old, who is a member of the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz, in a statement on Tuesday. According to the Belgian media, it was a sex party. With the resignation on Sunday, which will take effect in the new year, he had drawn the political and personal consequences.

He made the only right decision, ”said the Fidesz delegation on Tuesday. Szajer was most recently head of the delegation in the parliamentary group of the conservative European People’s Party (EPP), which also includes the CDU and CSU. On Sunday, Szajer surprisingly announced that he would resign from his EU mandate. He justified his waiver with an increasing emotional burden from daily politics. Like the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he is a member of the Fidesz party.

Two diplomats on site

The police found around 20 people in an apartment in downtown Brussels on Friday evening, as the Brussels public prosecutor announced on Tuesday. Previously, neighbors had complained about noise and possible violations of corona requirements. According to the prosecutor, two people found identified themselves as diplomats.

A witness also observed a man trying to escape over the gutter. The police attacked the man, his hands should have been bloody. According to prosecutors, the injuries may have resulted from the attempted escape. Drugs were found in the refugee’s backpack. He was therefore escorted home, where he also presented a diplomatic passport. The public prosecutor names the initials “SJ” and the year of birth 1961, which suggests that it is Jozsef Szajer.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, all those present are charged with violating corona requirements and SJ with violating drug laws. Szajer himself emphasized: “I did not take any drugs.” The drugs weren’t his. According to the public prosecutor’s office, criminal law consequences require that immunity be lifted. Szajer apologized to his family, colleagues and voters.


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