Our very personal review of the year with forecasts | c’t uplink # 35.9


In the c’t-uplink closing sequence for this strange year, the team first looks back: How did we do in 2020? What did we do What were our favorite games, films, series and books? Keno doesn’t get along well with the fact that, due to time constraints, he can only name one favorite game – because there were so many great games! Meanwhile, Pina praises the Palatinate Forest.

Since this is the video podcast of the c’t magazine, let’s take a look there: Achim has rummaged through the statistics and presents the articles that have been read the most. Spoiler: As expected, there were articles with Fritzbox and the Raspi, but on other topics we were surprised that they made it into the top 25.

At the end of the day there is the climax for which all viewers and listeners have longingly been waiting: your and our predictions for 2021 – and the evaluation of the predictions from last year! Nostradamus would be jealous! One more spoiler, however: We (and you) were wrong quite often, no one predicted a global pandemic. But Hannes had a pretty good nose for Indiana Jones. Apropos Hannes: He and Fabian are there as surprise guests – the latter even put on his most beautiful Star Trek uniform to celebrate the day.

And then there is even a sneak peak in the new uplink studio (with a wobbly table!), Which unfortunately we have not yet been able to use due to the pandemic. But that will be fine – by 2023 at the latest.

The weekly c’t podcast c’t uplink is available …

This time there: Achim Barczok, Johannes Börnsen, Martin Holland, Jan-Keno Janssen, Pina Merkert & Merlin Schumacher (surprise guests: Hannes Czerulla & Fabian Scherschel).

The c’t 01/2021 is available at the kiosk, in the browser and in the c’t app for iOS and Android.

You can find all previous episodes of our podcast at www.ct.de/uplink.

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