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Due to the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, traffic has decreased significantly this year. This is noticeable in the air quality, show the air quality measurements of the Federal Environment Agency.

In Linz, for example, the nitrogen dioxide target value was not exceeded once this year, according to the Verkehrsclub Österreich (VCÖ). And in general, the nitrogen dioxide pollution was significantly lower this year than in the previous year.

Decline in traffic due to coronavirus

While the target values ​​were exceeded twice in Linz last year, this did not happen on any day this year. According to Ulla Rasmussen from the VCÖ, this is directly due to the decrease in traffic caused by the CoV measures. In 2019, overruns were recorded at 15 measuring stations in six federal states. In 2020 there were only four measuring stations in two federal states.


The target value was never exceeded in Linz this year

After 2019, the annual limit value for particulate matter was not exceeded at any measuring point in Austria for the second time. By increasing the share of public transport, cycling and walking as well as more emission-free delivery services, the air quality can be improved in the long term, according to the VCÖ.

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