Paris, Berlin, New York: three extraordinary New Year’s Eve concerts


1. Jean-Michel Jarre als Avatar-DJ in Notre Dame

Jean-Michel Jarre in Notre Dame Cathedral. The pioneer of electronic music stands in the middle of the large nave, the camera flies through the interior, which is illuminated in blue, green and red, past countless pompous chandeliers. Including: Jean-Michel Jarre at the synthesizer. A foretaste of his virtual New Year’s Eve concert in the Paris Cathedral. The trailer is already available online.

“I’ll be in my Paris studio and broadcast live from there. We have a 3D model of Notre Dame,” says Jarre. “ And I’ll be standing in the model with my avatar, a bit like in the movie Matrix. We also have a model of the famous facade of Notre Dame that will be seen again and again.”

Virtually up close

Around 150 people have been working on the project with Jarre for more than three months. Performing in Notre Dame, if only in a 3D model, is something special even for an electro-pop pioneer like Jarre, especially after the devastating fire in 2019: “The best way to see Notre Dame after the terrible fire celebrating is with the means of our time. With virtual reality, “says Jarre. One got used to this digital reality during the pandemic anyway.

Virtually, however, it will be possible to experience Jean-Michel Jarre’s avatar live in Notre Dame. Anyone who has VR glasses can join the concert. But people all over the world can also be there in 2D, via a stream on the artist’s website. The title of the event says it all: “ Welcome to the other side”.

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