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Pensioner rolls with mobile home in the Rhine near Oberwesel


Luck in misfortune after a camper accident at Kaub am Rhein

A motorhome trip between the years turned into a nightmare for a pensioner from the Rhine-Main area: he rolled over a ferry ramp with his camper into the Rhine near Oberwesel – the vehicle was in danger of sinking. But the senior was lucky in misfortune – in the video!

Ferry driver reacts immediately – senior rescued through the roof hatch

The captain of the ferry noticed the accident, reacted immediately and steered his ship to the motorhome floating in the current. Together with two passengers, another employee saved the 71-year-old who had been killed through the roof hatch. It was said that he was alone in the vehicle.

Retirees are said to have suddenly felt uncomfortable – gas and brakes mixed up

According to the water police, the “at least slightly injured” senior came to a nearby hospital. The mobile home was maneuvered to the bank and tied there with ropes. It was supposed to be recovered by a special crane. A police helicopter was also used.

According to a report in the Koblenz “Rhein-Zeitung” newspaper, the pensioner wanted to wait for the ferry when he suddenly felt sick. According to the police in Boppard, “health problems led to the mix-up of the brake and accelerator pedals”.

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