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Only seriously injured, a senior citizen of Berlin (87) survived a brutal attack on November 28th on the way to shopping! A suspect was arrested in Gesundbrunnen last Wednesday!

The emergency services found the 49-year-old at around 5:20 p.m. on Wollankstrasse and executed an arrest warrant obtained against him. The investigation team set up specifically to identify the person wanted was disbanded on December 11, 2020. Further investigations continue.

That happened: On the evening of November 28, shortly before six, the senior was severely beaten by a man who was unknown at the time in the entrance gate to his house on Wollankstrasse. According to the first findings of the police, the attacker demanded money.

When the victim refused to do so, the stranger is said to have hit him several times in the face with his fist. The attacker was so brutal that the pensioner had to undergo emergency surgery!

Several teeth were knocked out of the 87-year-old and his nose was broken. He suffered severe eye injuries that could lead to loss of vision in both eyes!

Neighbors shocked by the perpetrator’s brutality

BZ spoke to neighbors of the victim shortly after the crime. The residents were shocked by the incident. Everyone knows the calm and dear old man. He’s lived in this house for half his life.

Neighbor Günter Kunath (78) met the victim shortly before the brutal attack:
Neighbor Günter Kunath (78) met the victim shortly before the brutal attack: “He just wanted to buy something quickly” (Photo: Timo Beurich)

Günter Kunath (78) was on the way to his car when he met the neighbor shortly before: “I met him in front of the house. He had taken away his rubbish and just wanted to go to Netto for a moment. When I came back there were already flashing police cars in the gate. ”

The victim lives alone in a two-room apartment. His wife died many years ago and his two sons live outside of Berlin.

According to BZ information, the pensioner himself worked as a policeman in police section 18 for 45 years, i.e. responsible for Wedding. A technical commissioner has taken over the investigation.

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