Persona 5 also gets an appearance in AFK Arena


Thieving reinforcements for AFK Arena

Joker and Queen, two of the most famous heroes of the Phantom Thieves, jump straight from the streets of Tokyo into the world of Esperia. The two heroes can be tried out as part of the upcoming New Year’s update on December 30th. This allows players to experiment with them in advance, before deciding on Joker or Queen and adding them to their roster via the in-game store. They will be regularly available there from February 27th.

Person 5s dungeon crawling and turn-based combat go perfectly with the latest crossover from AFK Arenas Idle RPG action. Both Joker and Queen are said to be in the graphic of AFK Arena appear in a new shape and yet retain their recognizable, iconic style.

New characters, new dungeons

  • Joker can summon his Persona Arsene to his side to use powerful attacks like the destructive Maeigaon, which immediately deals a devastating blow to the enemy.
  • Queen in turn, her persona can summon Joanna, a powerful motorcycle that triggers her devastating Stationary Drifter Ultimate attack, in which she lets a nuclear tornado hit multiple enemies.

Fans of phantom thieves can also look forward to an exclusively designed PvE dungeon as part of the New Year’s update. Players have to choose their hero, venture into the labyrinth of their heart and collect the truths that are enclosed in it. With Joker and Queen you can safely cross the maze of the Metaverse and receive player EXP as well as valuable rewards by exploring and defeating opponents.

The two newest heroes join the cast of the idle RPG along with other 2020 newcomers, including Zaphrael and Lucretia, Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed, Samurai Shodowns Ukyo Tachibana as well Overlords Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo.

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