Phanteks is celebrating its AiO water cooler debut with the Glacier One


The Dutch company Phanteks is celebrating its AiO cooler debut at the end of the year and is releasing its first complete water cooler, the Glacier One. Said AiO has a black radiator that is available in both 240 mm and 280 mm and 360 mm sizes. The white version called 240 MPH is also supplied with two Phanteks Halos fan frames. There is also D-RGB lighting here. The aluminum radiators of the AiO water cooler have a fin density of 21 FPI. According to the manufacturer, this should ensure that sufficient cooling reserves are available even for the hottest processors.

Furthermore, the PWM control adjusts the pump speed to the utilization of the system. Because of this, Phanteks even guarantees quiet operation here. This also applies to the 120 mm fans, which are controlled by a PWM signal depending on the system load. In normal operation, the pump reaches a speed of up to 2,800 rpm. With the help of an intelligent protective mechanism, the speed of the pump increases to 3,600 rpm as soon as the coolant exceeds a temperature of 60 ° C. The pump itself comes from Asetek and has a ceramic bearing, which should increase its longevity. The company grants a manufacturer’s guarantee for a total of six years on its new AiO solution.

As a visual highlight of the Phanteks Glacier One all-in-one water cooling, the magnetic cover of the pump housing was equipped with RGB lighting and an infinity mirror. Various effects can be used here in conjunction with the total of 14 digitally addressable RGB LEDs. In addition, the lighting can be controlled with a Phanteks RGB controller or a compatible mainboard. The Glacier One is already pre-filled and provided with thermal paste on the CPU contact surface.

The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MPH in white with a 240 mm radiator is now available at a recommended retail price of around 150 euros. The Phanteks Glacier ONE MP in black with a 240 mm radiator costs 122 euros. The 280 mm radiator version costs 137 euros. Those who opt for the 360 ​​mm radiator model have to put a total of 166 euros on the table. All variants can already be pre-ordered at and are expected to be delivered in December 2020.

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