Planned demo in Frankfurt: ban for “lateral thinkers”


Dhe mass rally planned for Saturday by the “lateral thinkers” movement against the Corona requirements in Frankfurt is prohibited. As the city announced on Tuesday evening, the public order office sees the planned demonstration marches and twelve rallies in the city center as a direct threat to public safety due to the associated risk of infection.

Helmut Schwan

Head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The protection of the population from the further spread of the corona virus, the basic right to health and physical integrity would outweigh the basic right to freedom of assembly under these circumstances. The authority points out that the organizers of earlier “lateral thinkers” demonstrations were not able to prevent massive violations of hygiene requirements, safety distance and the mask requirement.

Bremen as a model

The fact that the organizers last spoke of the fact that instead of the originally 40,000 expected participants, only 10,000 would probably come, apparently did not change this assessment.

It is to be expected that the “lateral thinkers” will submit an urgent application to the administrative court with the aim of having the ban lifted. At a similar rally in Frankfurt in November, the judges obliged the city to respect the right to freedom of assembly, subject to strict conditions in terms of mask requirements and distance. However, the case law up to the Federal Constitutional Court now tends to the view that the health risks at rallies by corona deniers can no longer be controlled.

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