Pop star Matthias Reim goes for Wendler


Michael Wendler was inspired by “Egal”. Image: www.imago-images.de / POP-EYE / H_Urs

Pop star Reim about Michael Wendler: “Of course he stole the song!”

The song “Egal” is probably the biggest hit that Michael Wendler has delivered in his career. But that the song should have been copied – this accusation has been around for a long time.

Now the person who is said to have stolen Wendler speaks up: singer Matthias Reim. His 2005 song “You’re just doing it to annoy me” has striking similarities with “Anyway”.

Even when the Wendler song became a chart success this year, the melody seemed familiar to some of the listeners.

Wendler last said on Instagram that there was approval for the similarity. Now the stolen Matthias Reim expressed himself in the “picture”.

He noticed the copy of the melody early on. “I noticed that when I heard the song for the first time,” says Reim about “It doesn’t matter.”

He then reported it to his music publisher and they took it in hand, says the 63-year-old. “They took care of it and had an expert report on the songs. This report confirms that ‘It doesn’t matter’ is copied from my song, You only do this to annoy me ‘“, He says.

Then the publisher sued Wendler – with success. “We have now won in the matter and Michael Wendler’s lawyers had to admit defeat,” said the injured party. Now Wendler is allowed to continue singing the song, “but has to pull the coal for it,” says Reim.

Wendler has to pay Matthias Reim money for his song “Egal”

The stolen pop singer is not happy about the whole thing. “But there was definitely no permission from me that he could steal my song. Of course he didn’t ask me about that, “says Reim angrily.


Michael Wendler sells his luxury goods

Michael Wendler seems to be short of money. The pop star, who lives in Florida, is separating from his luxury goods, as research by “Bild” revealed. According to the report, an acquaintance of the 48-year-old said about the singer: “Financially, Michael is up to his neck.”

Wendler is said to want to sell his property with water access via a real estate website. The price: 660,000 euros. The pop singer had only bought the property a few months ago. At that time he …

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