Pornhub is no longer getting any money through Mastercard and Visa


The payment service providers Mastercard and Visa are no longer processing payments to the porn platform Pornhub, at least for the time being. The two companies responded to a report in the New York Times that some of the 6.8 million new videos uploaded annually on Pornhub show child abuse and non-consensual sex. After his own research and discussions with victims, columnist Nicolas Kristof stated that the platform was “contaminated with rape videos.”
Mastercard and Visa launched their own investigations into the allegations after the report was published. You don’t work directly with the portal, but Pornhub’s premium subscriptions can be paid for by credit card.

With Mastercard, the decision is already final. “Our investigation in the past few days has confirmed the fact that the website violates our standards, which prohibit illegal content,” said a Mastercard spokesman on Thursday. Visa stopped its services for Pornhub for the time being. This applies at least until the result of an investigation into the allegations against Pornhub is available, it said.

Both payment service providers instructed financial institutions that previously processed Pornhub payments through their credit cards to refrain from doing business with Pornhub’s parent company MindGeek.
Pornhub, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and tax-domiciled in Luxembourg, dismissed the allegations and called the Mastercard and Visa decisions “extremely disappointing.” After all, two days earlier, the company presented a series of measures against illegal content. Anonymous users are now prohibited from uploading content to Pornhub. Aside from paid downloads, it is now officially no longer possible to download videos from Pornhub. Certain search terms for the page should be removed.
The decisions of Mastercard and Visa are “terrible for the hundreds of thousands of models who count on our platform as a source of income,” said Pornhub with a view to the porn actors.

MindGeek also owns other major porn sites such as YouPorn.
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